"Elena Cuza" National College in Craiova has a long tradition in the present-day profiles and specializations, a tradition that has led, over the years, to the education and training of those skills needed for the personal development and professional and social integration of its graduates. Among these specializations, knowing foreign languages ​​is a first necessity for good communication and European social dialogue; the school has an important segment of specializations that has ensured this goal since its establishment: bilingual and intensive modern languages education in English, French, German and Spanish. In recent years, with the help of European programs, the school has also had native-speaker teachers of English, French, Spanish and German for the bilingual education (French - Jonathan Louatron in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, Adriane Lepine in 2007-2009; English - Matthew Johnson in 2006-2007; Spanish - Eduardo Ruiz in 2006-2007; German - Holger Hack in 2010-2012).

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